Hoosier Farmers can Preview New Series of Row Crop Tractors


kent-brown-kubota-16VIP events across the country and here in Indiana this coming Monday will give farmers a chance to take a brand new entry into farm tractors for a test run. After two years of waiting Kubota Tractor Corporation is now delivering their largest tractor series to date, the M7, designed, engineered and manufactured by Kubota. Kent Brown describes some of the features that make these 130-170 horse power tractors worth looking at.

“It’s Kubota’s first tractor with closed center hydraulics and bar axles, features that the row crop market is really looking for,” and Brown added the line also features “the highest capacity loader in this horsepower range with our LM2605. But we’re really excited that we’re finally getting to the market and getting feedback from retail sales. The consumers are really liking this product. They like the performance, the comfort, they like the technology that goes into it, especially in today’s market. Technology is key.”

He told HAT farmers from their 20’s to their 60’s will be comfortable in the tractor, whether they use all the technology or not.

“Get in this tractor and there’s a lot of technology but it’s very intuitive. You can get very complex if you want to or you can make it easy operation. So no matter the level of experience or age and experience with technology, the M7 has got an option for the operator.”

If you don’t quite think in terms of heavy-duty when you think Kubota, Brown says their initial entry into the row crop market will erase any doubts.

“This is the heaviest base weight tractor Kubota has ever built and it’s also the heaviest base weight tractor in this horsepower segment,” he said. “Add that with the class leading bar axle, the base weight, we’ve got a heavy duty, durable tractor. People have always said Kubota is a lighter weight tractor, and in our utility tractors and our compact tractors you want a more lightweight tractor. But you get into the row crop market and the heavy duty loader market, you want some weight there. You need to be able to ballast the tractor to put the power to the ground in the row crop, and you need to be able to keep the rear end planted whenever you’ve got a heavy duty loader on it. With this tractor we’re able to do that.”

Kubota is hosting a VIP M7 Series event in Ossian, Indiana on Monday November 21st where you see the exclusive M7 Series demo and ride & drive. Register to attend at the link.

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