Holcomb Begins Review of ISDA and IDEM

Eric Holcomb
Eric Holcomb

Governor-elect Eric Holcomb announced members of his transition team and reviews of several state agencies. In a style reminiscent of Governor Mitch Daniels, Holcomb announced that Earl Goode will serve as chief of staff in the Governor’s Office effective January 9, 2017. Goode is a former utility company president who served as chief of staff to Governor Mitch Daniels for over six years. He is also currently the co-chair of Next Level Indiana, Inc., the non-profit entity managing the transition and inaugural activities for the upcoming Holcomb-Crouch Administration.

In addition, Governor-elect Holcomb also announced a team of Agency Review Leaders who will begin the process of assessing baseline metrics for each Executive Agency in order to best measure growth and progress moving forward. Each team will review agency budget details, structure and design, areas of strength and improvement, proposed legislative agendas, and other factors before reporting their recommendations back to the Transition Board co-chairs and Governor-elect.

Steve Boyce, Director-External Affairs, AT&T; Former Chief of Staff for Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman, will review the State Department of Agriculture, Office of Community & Rural Affairs, and Housing and Community Development Authority. Beverly Gard, Former Indiana State Senator, and Jeff Knight, Executive Vice President & Chief Legal Counsel, Old National Bancorp, will review the Department Environmental Management and Department of Natural Resources.


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