U.K. Says Trump Ready to Begin Trade Talks

The United Kingdom says U.S. President Donald Trump has agreed to start trade talks between the U.K. and the United States. British Prime Minister Theresa May says the two agreed to start preliminary talks on a trade deal, but stressed that no deal would be signed until the U.K. exits the European Union. The two leaders agreed to set up joint working groups to start “scoping out” what can be achieved while waiting for the United Kingdom to leave the EU. The signal of bilateral talks continues Trump’s campaign pledge of one-on-one trade deals with other nations. Trump said he looked forward to working with the United Kingdom.

U.K. Prime Minister May said both sides were discussing a “trade negotiation agreement” as the first step of crafting a trade deal between the two countries. The wording suggests there will be an official pledge between May and Trump to negotiate a trade agreement once the United Kingdom leaves the EU.

Source: NAFB News Serivce

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