Livestock Groups Watching Carefully for DC Regulation Cuts

Warner on regulations

pork producton 5President Trump’s latest executive order fulfills another campaign promise to slash federal regulations, and this one would eliminate two regulations for every new one implemented. It goes even further in setting a budget of zero dollars for new rules for the coming year. Agencies will decide which rules they want to roll back, with White House guidance. The President ordered a 60-day rules freeze last week.

National Pork Producers spokesman Dave Warner says there has been a regulation problem in Washington for many years.

“Part of the problem in this town is that they put regulations on businesses and farmers, and they never take anything away. It just keeps piling on.”

Warner says rules no longer needed, or superseded by new ones, could be ditched. Pork producers and other livestock groups are trying to kill rules ordered by the Obama administration, including the controversial GIPSA meat marketing reforms and an organic livestock rule.

Warner says last week’s separate executive order freezes both for 60-days past their effective dates.

“The GIPSA rule was supposed to take effect February 21. The organic livestock and poultry rule, which would have added animal welfare standards to the organic law, that was put on hold until sometime in late March, I think,” he said.

House and Senate Ag leaders are also planning a legislative GIPSA repeal effort, but the agriculture industry is divided on reforming the Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Act. The American Farm Bureau, National Farmers Union and some ag lawmakers claim the pending rules protect poultry and livestock producers against unfair packer contracting and marketing practices. Pork and poultry producers say they will make it easier to sue packers, compelling packers to raise their own livestock.

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