Indiana Dairy Hosts Screening of Food Evolution Movie


The 2017 Indiana Dairy Scientific Advisory Panel Meeting at Fair Oaks Farms delved deeply into the subject of GMO foods. A new movie also takes that deep dive and the film was screened that evening. Trace Sheehan produced “Food Evolution” and doesn’t hide the fact that researching the topic altered his own opinion of GMO’s.

“I basically triangulated my position,” he told HAT. “To steal a line from Nathanial Johnson who did the 26-part series on GMO’s, he just said he eventually ran out of things to worry about. I think I did too, not to say there aren’t valid concerns, but once you unpack what GMO really is, the process of genetic modification, you realize that it’s a safe, essential tool in the toolbox that can help us have a more sustainable, abundant, nutritious food system for as many people as possible.”

The annual event is sponsored by American Dairy Association Indiana, Inc. General Manager Deb Osza says the movie helps eliminate the emotions and allows consumers a look at the safe and sound science behind GMO technology.

“Trace and his film Food Evolution have just done a brilliant job of mitigating some of the fear that people have about these technologies and just explaining it in a friendly way that people can understand some of the good that comes from these technologies. There’s not an evil intent behind these technologies,” Osza said. “There’s good intent and this movie, telling this story of real farmers who use these sometimes life-saving technologies is very moving and helps break through the clutter of all the fear that’s out there. It allows people to understand why they’re good and ok.”

Food Evolution is available on Hulu and is from Academy Award-nominated director Scott Hamilton Kennedy. It is also being supported by the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance. Check their website to learn about hosting a screening event.

(Pictured: Jenni Browning, ADA Indiana; Trace Sheehan, Producer of Food Evolution; Sue McCloskey, Fair Oaks Farm; Jana McGuire, Center for Food Integrity; Deb Osza, ADA Indiana)

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