How to Bring Jobs to Rural Indiana

How to Bring Jobs to Rural Indiana


Job growth is a major part of Governor Holcomb’s plan for Indiana. But bringing jobs to rural Indiana takes a unique approach. The key to bringing more jobs to rural Indiana is small business, says Rex Martin, with the Rural Jobs Coalition. ”Everyone is trying to get Amazon to come to their town but what about rural America?” he asked. “How do we get investment so a small manufacturing plant in a town of 5000 people who employs 25 people can expand? They need investment capital and have a hard time getting it.”

He told HAT that the innovation that is currently taking place in agriculture is a perfect way to develop new jobs in rural communities, “We know for a fact that there are more startups in rural zip codes than there are in big cities. A lot of that occurs on the farm. You have a great idea but you need money to finance those ideas.”

Martin says state and local lawmakers can play a role with legislation that encourages investment in rural areas, “We want to make sure that when legislators are looking at the budget and putting together incentives for investment, that they don’t forget about the rural communities in their area.” The coalition has samples of legislation that would foster investment in rural areas at

He encourages rural residents to educate their local and state leaders on the benefits of investing in rural communities.


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