Cytozyme is Helping Soil and Seed Naturally


Soil health has been a major focus of Indiana farmers with many of them proactively involved in measures to ensure improved soil health on the farm and long-term sustainability of those soils. There is a company that has been around for more than forty years with products that offer nutritional support to promote growth of naturally occurring, beneficial soil microorganisms. Mike Canady of Cytozyme says their focus is on natural.

“All of our products are biologically based products meaning that we use biologicals during the manufacturing process but there are no live products in any of our products,” Canady says. “They’re still nutritional products. So, we have a soil nutritional product that helps support the native good microbes in the soil. If we can help them proliferate and grow and be strong, it’s going to help with the developing and emerging plant.”

He says their soil product can reduce soil compaction and improve soil structure. Selected treatments also supply the microorganisms to facilitate nutrient availability and improved uptake to the crop.

Canady says the company also offers seed and foliar treatments, and they use MAC technology in all of the products.

“It’s an acronym for metabolically active compounds. That’s part of our production process and it’s this technology we have that helps boost all the natural, in-house resources of the crop. We use this technology in all of our products.”

He told HAT they’re seeing great results in over 3,000 field trials.

“We’re seeing increased germination rates, increasing root development, so if you can help that growing seedling develop and grow strong, develop stronger roots, develop more root hairs, ultimately you’re going to get a lot better nutrient utilization, water absorption, and it’s helping with these stressful conditions. You get a lot of fluctuations in water availability, temperatures, and this seed product is helping with all of that.”

The result of course is a nice return on investment. Ask your dealer to check into Cytozyme or visit

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