A Quick Start Could Lead to Early Pollination

A Quick Start Could Lead to Early Pollination

After a late start, planting moved ahead rapidly and is now running ahead of average in much of the Eastern Corn Belt. With adequate moisture and good weather, we are off to one of the best starts we have seen in a while. Rod King, with Brodbeck Seeds, says, “By and large, we are off to a really good start. The emergence I have seen is mostly excellent, only a few places with soil crusting and other emergence issues.”

King says this could set us up for an earlier pollination period, which would be good for yields, “If we have a ‘normal weather season,’ early planting and early emergence always gives us a good chance of good pollination.  We have a long way to go and the weather could turn on us, but, if we have normal heat units, I would expect an earlier than normal pollination, and I will always take that.”

King says it is vital to scout fields and take action when needed, “I don’t see a lot of problems out there right now, but it is smart to keep an eye on things and watch for early season problems.”




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