Is Your Combine Ready for Harvest?

Is Your Combine Ready for Harvest?

All indications are that harvest is coming early this year. Chris Eppley, Demo Specialist with Bane Welker Equipment, says most of his customers are saying they’re about 3 weeks away. Eppley says it’s time to get the combine out to start checking on things before harvest gets underway. He said having a lot of the smaller issues, like header height control or any in-cab controls, fixed ahead of time is beneficial.

Eppley says one thing many people overlook is the PTO housing oil. In the audio clip below, he adds that ignoring it could get very expensive.


Eppley told HAT that he gets a lot of questions about fine-tuning on adjustments once farmers get into the crop, and there are a lot of adjustments that can be made. Hit the play button below to hear some helpful tips.


Bane Welker has service locations throughout Indiana and Ohio with a fleet of 50+ service trucks that can come to you to fix your combine or other farm equipment. Find more info at

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