African Swine Fever Virus Found in Belgium and Spreading in China

Belgian authorities confirmed that the African Swine Fever Virus has been found in their country. That’s adding to increasing worries about the virus moving into western Europe. The trade association website says the country’s food safety agency has found the virus in two wild boars in the southern part of the country. Belgian authorities are currently working with several of its government agencies to help prevent the spread from wild animals into its domestic herds. Belgium is currently stressing that there is no disease in the domestic animals.

The nation’s food safety agency says wildlife control and prevention in pig farms are currently in effect. In the meantime, live hog and pig products are now banned from an additional ten regions in China. These regions are located alongside the six regions where the virus has already been found. The main goal is to prevent the spread of the disease, especially into central China, where most of the nation’s pork farms are located. The moves have also pressured hog prices in northern China as hog supplies accumulate.


Source: NAFB News Service

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