Yield Maps Will Help With Fertilizer Decisions for 2019

With high yields this year, growers may need technology to help with fertilizer decisions.  Not only are we seeing high yields this year, we are also seeing a lot of variability between fields and even within fields. “We are seeing really wide yield swings all the way from 50 bpa up to 300 bpa,” said Brian Early, agronomist with Pioneer. With this kind of variability, growers will need to adjust their fertilizer applications based on the size of the crop they took off each field.

Brian Early

Early says new mapping and analytical tools can help growers make better decisions on just where and how much nitrogen and other nutrients need to be placed after harvest. “This year more than any other, I would recommend using a yield map to help in determining your fertilizer needs,” he stated. “The Encirca program has a replacement factor that, along with your yield map, will give you a good idea of what your needs are.” He added that a soil sample is still a good way to check the areas you are analyzing.

For more, details contact your Encirca representative.

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