Anderson Agbioscience Company Italpollina Acquires New Company

Italpollina, a global leader in the production of organic fertilizers, beneficial microbials and 100 percent vegetal-based biostimulants, is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Sarasota, Florida-based (USA) Horticultural Alliance Inc. which specializes in an organic approach to plant health and maintenance through the use of mycorrhizal inoculants and beneficial bacteria in horticulture.

“For more than 50 years, Italpollina has developed innovative solutions to enhance agriculture,” said Jon Leman, commercial vice president, Italpollina USA Inc. “With the common need for increased plant growth and quality markers and a reduction of loss due to various stresses, Italpollina products have experienced an increase in interest from the horticultural segment. This transaction provides an efficient route to the landscape and nursery markets for Italpollina products – especially our line of beneficial microbials which will be used as source ingredients. And it opens the door to a tremendous growth opportunity for the ‘HELLO NATURE Family of Products’ in the United States.”

James J. Quinn founded Horticultural Alliance Inc. in 1997, creating products to change the way trees and shrubs were planted for forward-thinking horticulture professionals. Soon after, he became familiar with Italpollina while in Europe and he has had his eye on the company since. “When it became time to pass the torch, Italpollina was my choice,” says Quinn. ”This transaction is a fantastic opportunity for our customers to grow the biological side of their business with a proven winner. Italpollina products are quite simply the highest quality available anywhere.”

This company expansion provides Italpollina a second location in the United States, joining the recently completed 70,000-square-foot North American headquarters in Anderson, Indiana. “We have made a commitment to meeting the demands of the North American market,” said Luca Bonini, CEO of Italpollina. “And we will continue our drive to develop production technologies and distribution strategies to support agriculture as well as other segments in need of sustainable solutions.”

Source: Italpollina

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