AFBF Calls on Farmers to Urge Congress to Pass Disaster Relief

Congress is on a two-week recess and the American Farm Bureau Federation says now is the time to express the need for disaster assistance to lawmakers.

From recent hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding, farmers in different parts of the nation need help recovering from natural disasters. Paul Schlegel, AFBF vice president of public affairs, says farmers and ranchers have an opportunity to tell lawmakers to approve disaster assistance immediately.

“There’s probably a conviction on both sides of the aisle that something needs to be done, but there’s some political gamesmanship going back and forth that’s prevented us from getting something sent to the President. So, Farm Bureau, over the recess now, we’ve asked all of our members when they can connect with lawmakers to tell them the time for politics has passed, we have to get this done because there are too many farmers hurting.”

Schlegel says a congressional recess is the perfect time to connect with lawmakers.

“If a lawmaker is back in their home state or their congressional district, they can see for themselves firsthand the devastation a lot of people are facing. We want to take advantage of that circumstance to make sure they know we can’t wait any longer.”

Schlegel says the message to lawmakers is clear.

“Farm Bureau’s supporting the House bill, 2157 is the number of it. We want to see a legislative disaster package enacted as swiftly as we can, and we don’t want to see politics prevent very critical aid going out to farmers and ranchers.”

Source: American Farm Bureau Federation

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