Startups Meet with Investors at Forbes AgTech Summit

Photo courtesy of Agrinovus

AgriNovus Indiana partnered again this year with Forbes to bring their AgTech event to downtown Indianapolis to showcase and discuss the latest technology in agriculture. Beth Bechdol, President and CEO of AgriNovus, says it’s a big deal that the event is held in Indiana.

“Investors, startups, executives, global innovators, all coming together to talk about the future of innovation in agriculture and how big solutions are really coming for some of our biggest challenges is really exciting.”

Bechdol says the 40 startups showcased, many local to Indiana, benefit greatly from the event.

“Having that opportunity to stand at a table, have real conversations with real investors, with real potential research partners or business collaborators, to be able to describe your vision and to talk about your plan, to validate your technology, it is game changing.”

Bechdol says Indiana is already leading in the ag + bio + science space in the Midwest and having this event only increases that lead. They’re committed to growing this space and building a greater pipeline for talent in the industry.

“That really matters to us at Agrinovus, really thinking about the next generation innovation, technology skills, informatics, data science, disciplines that are all going to be needed in this changing food and ag economy. We need to be the place where people come. Not just for our outstanding Purdue agriculture students, but for our IU informatics students, and our Butler business and finance students, and our Notre Dame physics and chemistry students, and our Rose Hulman engineering school students, and all the other schools.”

Bechdol told HAT that Forbes has committed to holding the event in Indianapolis again next year and that AgriNovus will play an even larger role and add their branding to the event.

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