Harvest and Crop Maturity Continue to Lag

Harvest and Crop Maturity Continue to Lag

Another great week of harvest weather is here, but the crops are still not ready. There has been harvest activity in Central Indiana; but, as Pioneer agronomist Eric Miller explains, the actual number of acres harvested has been small.

Eric Miller

“Most of the harvest has been on the corn that was planted in May. It is mostly the crops that were planted prior to Memorial Day that are ready for harvest.”

Miller told HAT the majority of the corn in Central Indiana was planted in June and, “That crop will not be ready for another 2 weeks.”

According to USDA, only 56% of Indiana corn is mature compared to 64% at this time last year. Statewide, only 15% of the corn has been harvested compared to 37% in 2018. The average for this date is 29%. Michigan corn is only 4% harvested, and Iowa only has 3% of their crop out of the field.  Nationally, 15% of the corn harvest is complete.

As for yields, Miller says they are better than expected, but that is not saying much.

“You can define that however you want; but, in most cases, it is less than last year and even less than 2 years ago. Yet, I think everyone is pleasantly surprised.”

Stalk quality is an issue in some fields, but Miller says the bigger issue is moisture levels. That is why he is stressing that growers should focus on soybeans.

“With the dry forecast for this week, I recommend guys go hard on soybeans. The corn is still too wet.”

He noted in some fields the range of crop moisture can be as much as 10%.

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