Moisture a Real Problem in 2019 Crops

Moisture a Real Problem in 2019 Crops

As the Indiana harvest slowly gathers speed, high and variable moisture levels in both corn and soybeans are presenting some serious problems. Moisture levels in both corn and soybeans are not where growers would like them to be as combines begin to roll.

“Corn is averaging in the 20% range with only a few reports below that level,” noted Eric Miller, agronomist with Pioneer.

As for soybean moisture levels in Central Indiana, they are all over the place. Miller said, “The early planted beans are in the 12% to 14%, but the later planted soybeans are much higher.”

Adding to the problem is the extreme variability within fields and even within rows.

“In other words, you might go from 16% to 28% in the same pass.”

Miller said this is going to cause problems with grain handling and storing. He added that farmers without grain dryers are going to have some real storage problems with these wide moisture levels.

Miller told HAT late season ear molds are also showing up in corn, and, “In some of this June corn, the ears are still tilted up and they are taking in a lot of moisture. Spongey cobs are being reported.”

More updates from Pioneer next week on HAT.

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