Harvest Progress Will Continue to be Slow

Statewide, 70% of the corn is mature and a quarter of the crop has been harvested, according to the latest USDA report. The corn harvest is picking up but is expected to be slow going. In addition to being planted late, another issue slowing harvest is the extreme variability in crop development and moisture.

Ben Jacob, with Pioneer in West Central Indiana, says, “As people get into the field, they are finding a great deal of variability — not just in yield but in moisture — and that is slowing them down.”

Jacob does expect corn harvest up pick up next week, “The bulk of harvest will start next week, but growers will be finding much higher moisture than they really want to deal with. But that is what 2019 is going to give us.”

Similar moisture issues are being reported in other parts of the state.

Stalk issues have already been a concern. Jacob says this week’s cold weather is not helping that any, “This cold weather and potentially some frost damage this coming weekend is not going to help with grain quality or stalk quality.”

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