Harvest Progress Slow but Sure in Indiana

The Indiana corn harvest is just over a third complete statewide, but some areas are close to wrapping up.

The corn harvest in SE Indiana has been making good progress. Brian Bush, with Pioneer, says, “I have talked to some farmers who are 70% done on corn.”

Others are into the short rows and close to wrapping up.” He adds some soybean farmers have just a few fields left before they put the combines away.

The USDA reports that statewide 36% of the corn has been harvested, compared to 63% lasts year.

As HAT reported on Tuesday, corn yields are proving to be very disappointing, down almost 20% from what growers had expected.

Bush says variability is the key word for 2019 and that those yield monitors have been getting a real workout, “Some growers have reported that they have seen their yield monitors go from 270 bpa down to 70 bpa in the same pass.”

Moisture levels have also varied widely. Bush says that planting conditions and soil type played a large part in the variability of this year’s crop.

Wheat is a significant crop in SE Indiana. However, Bush says this year wheat acres will be down, “A lot of guys who only plant wheat when market and weather conditions are good are telling me they do not plan to plant wheat this year. I expect acres to be down.”

He noted, for those who always plant wheat, the crop is in and they are hoping for rain to get it up and growing quickly.

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