Indiana Farm Bureau Leaders Discuss 2020 Priorities at Statehouse

Photo credit Indiana Farm Bureau

Indiana Farm Bureau leaders and staff met with legislators at the Statehouse today to discuss INFB’s legislative priorities for 2020. Legislators were invited to attend INFB’s annual Organization Day Breakfast held at the Statehouse. Members of the INFB board of directors, including President Randy Kron and Vice President Kendell Culp, along with the organization’s public policy team were able to speak with legislators during the event.

INFB’s policy creation process begins with each county Farm Bureau. All counties have the opportunity to make policy suggestions for the upcoming year. Then, the recommendations are brought before a resolutions committee to be considered before they reach the INFB delegate session, which was held on Aug. 24 and consisted of more than 250 member representatives. After the delegate session, the INFB board of directors identified the key issues INFB members and staff will focus on at the Statehouse when the General Assembly reconvenes.

“Through our robust network of farmers and agriculture professionals in the state, we are able to identify the most pressing issues of concern for Indiana farmers each and every year,” said Randy Kron, INFB president. “Our members put a lot of time and effort into identifying the industry’s biggest needs and crafting them into the organization’s policy positions for the coming year.”

INFB’s policy priorities for 2020 are as follows:

  • Expand health benefits available to Indiana agriculture.
  • Limit referenda that burden landowners.
  • Implement land use planning that protects farms and farmland while promoting rural economic growth.
  • Protect property rights and local control. 
  • Continue expansion of rural broadband.
  • Improve assessment uniformity across the property tax base.

“This year, the General Assembly will be reviewing healthcare costs and at Farm Bureau we have been doing the same” said Katrina Hall, INFB director of public policy. “Our members are very concerned about the current cost of healthcare, so one of our biggest priorities for the year is to figure out how we can help lower their costs. As always, we also will remain focused on property rights, local control, the expansion of rural broadband and land use planning.”

When the 2020 session of the Indiana General Assembly begins in January, INFB members will visit with their legislators to advocate for this year’s policy positions.

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