Greater Indiana Clean Cities Recognizes Indiana Corn Marketing Council With Driver of Change Award

ICMC Biofuels Director Helena Jette, at left, accepts the Driver of Change – Ethanol Education award from Mark S. Smith, program manager of technology integration at the U.S. Department of Energy and Kerri Garvin, director of Greater Indiana Clean Cities during a ceremony in Indianapolis on March 3.

The Indiana Corn Marketing Council (ICMC) received the Driver of Change – Ethanol Education award from the Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition on Tuesday during the organization’s annual awards reception in Indianapolis.

The Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition annually recognizes outstanding contributions to advancing the Coalition’s mission advancing alternative, domestically fueled transportation including energy efficient technologies across all sectors in Indiana. Awards are given annually to organizations for actions in the following areas: Alternative Fueling Stations, EV, propane, CNG, etc.), Green Fleet/Clean Fleet Initiatives, Fuel Economy and/or Idle Reduction Program, Public Transit Clean Air Champion, Utility Alternative Fuel Leader, and Driver of Change.

“This award recognizes ICMC’s work in improving the information and education about ethanol, an alternative fuel produced with Indiana-grown corn and supported by the Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition,” said Helena Jette, ICMC Biofuels Director. “There are only a handful of awards given each year by the Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition, recognizing the leaders of alternative fuels in our state.”

Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition stakeholders include fuel providers, equipment manufacturers, schools, municipalities, state agencies, U.S. Department of Energy staff and Clean Cities support staff from the National Energy Technology Lab, National Renewable Energy Lab, Argonne National Lab and many others.

“Greater Indiana Clean Cities is on the ground helping us to deploy alternative fuels, such as biodiesel and ethanol to Indiana fuel consumers,” said ICMC Vice President Mike Beard, a corn farmer from Frankfort, Ind. “This is a great honor because Greater Indiana Clean Cities is a tremendous partner for what we do. They host educational sessions, workshops, webinars and other outreach measures to help companies and consumers adopt the use of ethanol. By increasing ethanol use, we are supporting the Indiana farmers. Greater Indiana Clean Cities also advocates for renewable fuels to elected officials on both a national and state level.”

Indiana is the fifth-largest producer of ethanol in the United States. The state’s 14 ethanol plants pump out an estimated 1.2 billion gallons of ethanol each year. Year-round sales of E15 is one of last year’s big steps forward for ethanol, Jette said. E15, also known as Unleaded 88, has a higher-octane rating of 88, but costs less than regular unleaded gas, is safe for engines and is better for the environment. This gives retailers a lower-priced fuel to help attract new customers to their station.

For more information about the Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition, visit or contact Kerri Garvin at

For more details about ICMC biofuels programs, contact Jette at 317-644-2849 or or visit

Source: Indiana Corn Marketing Council Press Release

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