Purdue Crop Chat Podcast Episode 3, Your Weed Management Program

On episode 3 of the Purdue Crop Chat podcast featuring Purdue Extension Corn Specialist Dr. Bob Nielsen and Soybean Specialist Dr. Shaun Casteel, they invite a special guest to discuss your weed management program for 2020.

Purdue Professor of Weed Science Dr. Bill Johnson says the prevent plant acres from a treacherous 2019 could lead to big problems this year.

“The big issue we really need to be prepared for this year are those fields where absolutely nothing was done to them, and we had a lot of waterhemp that went to seed. And that weed is so problematic because it produces so much seed. Managing it in soybean is a big headache and it’s becoming a bigger headache every year in terms of the number of acres infested in the Eastern Corn Belt.”

Johnson says the way to approach waterhemp is to think about your residual herbicide as the backbone of your weed control program.

“And so what that means for waterhemp is a residual herbicide that has either an Authority product, a Valor product, or a Zidua product in it, and a full labeled rate– not what we call a plan to failure or a setup rate, but we need a full labeled rate. And then hopefully that takes the pressure off of our post emerge weed control program and allows us to come in with either Liberty, dicamba and Xtend beans or 2,4-D and Enlist beans.”

You can hear much more from Johnson, as well as Nielsen and Casteel, by clicking the play button below!

More information mentioned in the podcast can be found at Nielsen’s Chat ‘n Chew Cafe website.


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