State Lawmakers See Healing Agriculture as Top Priority

When state lawmakers return to Indianapolis in January, helping Indiana agriculture recover from the devastation of 2020 will be a top priority. Indiana House Speaker Todd Huston says economic recovery will be top of mind with lawmakers in the next session of the General Assembly.

“Economic recovery will be the No. 1 issue for us to address.”

Overall, Huston says Indiana has fared better during the pandemic than many other states. He feels the Hoosier economy is poised to rebound significantly in the years ahead.

Huston says specifically helping Indiana farmers recover from what has been an economically difficult 2020 is something that needs to be addressed.

“We never lose sight of the important role agriculture plays in the Indiana economy. Healing agriculture economically will be an important focus for us in 2021.”

Making real progress on improving the state’s rural broadband coverage is also an issue to which Huston says lawmakers will be receptive.

“How do we make broadband more available and accessible in the more rural areas of our state. The solution is not simple, and it is not one we can blink and accomplish quickly.”

The Republican from Hamilton County says it will take a partnership between the state, local communities, and broadband providers to find a solution. He added that the pandemic has highlighted the need for improved coverage as e-learning and working from home have become more common.

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