EPA Considering E15 Label Changes at Gas Pumps

The Environmental Protection Agency is mulling over a potential label change for E15 at gas pumps. The possible move is seen as a way to appease the biofuel industry’s concerns that current labels discourage use of the fuel, according to a report by Reuters.

Current labeling warns of possible engine damage to older vehicles. An announcement could come soon, but there’s no detail yet on how the Trump Administration might alter the labeling.

President Donald Trump did say via Twitter last month that he would allow states to permit fuel retailers to use their current pumps to sell E15. Expanding the market for E15 is a policy goal for farmers and the ethanol industry, including calls for the national standard to move from E10 to E15.

Going from an E10 blend to an E15 blend would increase ethanol production by seven billion gallons and corn demand by over two billion bushels a year, according to Growth Energy.

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