Indiana’s Family of Farmers Makes $5,000 Donation to Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry

Indiana’s Family of Farmers (IFoF) donated $5,000 to Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry to assist with hunger relief efforts in Indiana earlier this week. These funds will be used to pay for the processing of approximately 4,000 pounds of donated livestock, providing 16,000 meals to Hoosiers in need.

Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry encourages farmers to donate livestock to be processed and given to hunger relief agencies across the state. A donation like IFoF’s will cover the costs of processing of the donated livestock. The meat is then provided to community food pantries, food banks, churches, shelters and more.

“Meat is really hard for food banks to get and we all know how important protein is to our diet,” said Debra Treesh, executive director of Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry. “This donation from IFoF will help us get protein to our food banks and into the homes of Hoosiers who need it.”

IFoF is made up of many agriculture organizations in Indiana that have rallied around the group’s mission to raise the awareness of Indiana’s farmers and high-quality food that they produce.

“There is a culture of giving back in the farming community in Indiana,” said Debra DeCourcy, IFoF member and chief marketing officer for Indiana Farm Bureau. “Hoosier farmers are always some of the first to step up to help when people are in need in their community and this year has been no exception. In this same spirit of giving, IFoF is proud to be able to do its part to make sure that the livestock our state’s farmers are donating can be processed at no charge and given to the families who need it most.”

IFoF’s donation was made in response to the growing need for food assistance in Indiana, made more severe by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Most people have a time in their lives where they are living paycheck to paycheck,” said Treesh. “When the pandemic hit, many of those individuals went months without any income, and some are still in that situation. We are lucky to live in a place with such wonderful people who are going out of their way to help.”

Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry also works with hunters who are interested in donating large game to help meet hunger relief efforts in the state. If you’re interested in learning more, visit

To learn more about Indiana’s Family of Farmers and its mission to promote Indiana farmers and the state’s thriving agriculture industry, visit

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