More Than 800 Hoosiers Sign Up for INFB Health Plans

After all the hard work at the Statehouse to change the law in Indiana last year, Indiana Farm Bureau’s Health Plan offerings are off and running in the new year.

“We were really impressed so far with our numbers here. We have bound 860 health plans for a January one effective date so we’re really happy with that,” says INFB Health Plans Manager Patrick Williams. “Even more happy is that we are approving applications at 79.74 percent. Again, that’s a really encouraging number and we’re anticipating, once we have the law of large numbers throughout the year, we’re going to be between 80 and 85 percent.”

Williams adds that there is a plan for just about everyone.

“We have 4 different traditional health plans for those that are under the age of 65. We also have a standalone dental/vision plan, and then four Medicare supplement insurance plans. Now it is important to note that these plans are not considered insurance. They may act, talk, and even look like insurance, but they’re not. Primarily because we medically underwrite and can decline.”

Williams says they average 30%-50% less cost on individual plans and 50%-70% on family plans when you compare them to a non-subsidized Affordable Care Act plans.

And farmers aren’t the only ones that can take advantage of these plans.

“As long as you are a member of Farm Bureau for 30 days, you are eligible for this member benefit. Which, again, as a member you are entitled to all our insurance products and various benefits that come with being a member. But, yes, you do not have to be in farming.”

Williams says their goal is to be around 2,000 plan holders by the end of the year. You can learn more at

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