New Indiana Speed Test Will Put Data in the Right Hands

Last week, Indiana Farm Bureau announced the launch of the Indiana Speed Test, a crowd-sourced internet speed test that focuses on enabling cost effective planning and deployment of broadband. This is similar to other speed tests you’ve performed from your cell phone or computer, but this test will take data and put it in the hands of decision makers who are looking to build out broadband services to unserved or underserved areas.

All Hoosiers are encouraged to take the test. Katrina Hall, INFB’s senior director of public policy strategy and advocacy, says the speed test is safe and won’t collect personal data.

“It does ask for your address, but that is converted to a GIS location and your address is not stored. There’s no other personal information and certainly nothing that you do not agree to as you go on to the speed test. It’s really pretty quick. It takes about a minute, and we encourage people to take this on the device that you use at home. Certainly, that could be your cell phone, but test it on your computer.”

Hall says Indiana Farm Bureau is calling on all rural Hoosiers to take the test, but to also communicate with local officials how much they rely on quality internet service.

“They need to know that you rely on it and not just for virtual learning or for watching Netflix. It’s an important part of agriculture going forward for precision agriculture, as well as just opportunities for e-commerce and the things that you do at your place. So, tell your own story.”

The Indiana Speed Test can be found at You can read more about the partnership formed between Indiana Farm Bureau and other organizations that promote rural quality of life efforts here.

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