More Than 1,500 Active INFB Health Plans at the Six-Month Mark

Indiana Farm Bureau Thursday announced Indiana Farm Bureau Health Plans, a suite of more affordable health care offerings, has over 1,500 active plans following six months of available coverage, a nearly 25% increase from the end of the first quarter.

From Jan. 1 through June 30, 2021, enrollment in INFB Health Plans totaled 1,531 active plans, which equates to more than 3,800 lives covered. The organization’s goal is to have 2,500 enrolled plans by the end of 2021. The current breakdown of coverage for those plan holders includes:

  • 1,252 Traditional Health Plans, which includes both individual and family plans;
  • 75 Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans; and
  • 204 dental and vision plans.

“Since health care continues to be one of the most important aspects of individuals’ and families’ wellbeing, those who can find a health plan that is not only affordable but also suits their coverage needs is critical,” said Patrick Williams, INFB Health Plans manager. “About 35% of those applying to INFB Health Plans are new INFB members, which goes to show that affordable, reliable health care is needed in the ag community.”

INFB member Anita Rediger of Rediger Farms. Inc., a dairy cattle and grain operation in Adams County, joined INFB because of the health plans offering.

“Health insurance has always been a challenge on the farm, but since switching to INFB Health Plans it’s been much better,” said Rediger. “I’m saving nearly $600 a month and still able to get the coverage and preventive care needed.”

Rediger, who has a traditional health plan, notes that the affordability and reputability that INFB Health Plans offered was why she signed up.

“Beyond the dramatic savings, there is a real trust in Indiana Farm Bureau – in its character and its work as an organization. I appreciated the spirit and reasoning behind creating INFB Health Plans,” said Rediger. “From the nationally known and accepted providers to the option to have my doctor’s appointments with Teladoc, I feel like this is the coverage I was hoping for.”

To learn more about INFB Health Plans and apply for coverage, please visit

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