American Bakers Association Seeks RFS Rollback

U.S. bread and donut makers want the Biden administration to roll back biofuels targets, claiming the Renewable Fuel Standard could raise the cost of their products.

The American Bakers Association confirmed to Reuters association leaders met with the Environmental Protection Agency last week, requesting reduced biofuel blending mandates.

Of particular interest to the industry is soy and canola oil, used for biofuels and food ingredients. The association seeks biofuel targets at a level last seen in 2019, or no new growth in mandates.

EPA is again delayed in releasing new biofuel volume requirements for the upcoming year. Roughly 40 percent of U.S. soy oil goes to biofuels, with the rest for food ingredients.

In response, National Biodiesel Board Vice President Kurt Kovarik told Reuters, “Undercutting the Renewable Fuel Standard is not a solution,” citing trade wars, pandemic disruptions, and adverse weather impacts to agriculture.

The American Bakers Association represents companies such as Kroger, Krispy Kreme, and others.

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