Strong Early Season Corn Yield Results From Southern Indiana

With dry weather conditions last week and over the weekend, many across the state got started on harvest operations before the rains started this week. Even more will begin this week after the rain moves out. Some early season yield results are in from southern Indiana in this Beck’s Yield Check. Travis Coleman is an agronomist in southern Indiana for Beck’s.

“We’re very happy with corn yields so far, especially that stuff that got planted early to mid-April. Very happy with the yields coming out of there and excited about how dry it has been coming out of the field.”

Coleman says a lot of the yield reports he’s getting on corn are well over 200 bpa as many are shelling the best corn they’ve ever shelled.

“Remember, we were wet for the majority of our growing season and like I said, yields have been very strong in corn. So, one big takeaway for me is just watch your stalk integrity. Between cannibalization with nitrogen deficiencies and some late season stalk rots, I’d go get it while we have the opportunity and it’s standing.”

As for disease this season, Coleman says they saw a lot of grey leaf spot this year that needed fungicide applications.

“Southern rust never really moved in and took too much of fields and warranted a spray just for it alone. Tar spot has been found in the past couple of weeks, but I don’t think it’ll be a significant player with yield.”

As for soybeans, “We’re just getting started with some early planted, early maturity soybeans, and I think we’re a little taken back by the yields on it,” says Coleman. “But we have to remember, we had a big dry spell there middle of July through August that I think kind of hit those early planted, early maturities a little harder.”

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Hear my full interview with Coleman below:

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