Adding Corteva’s Kyber to Weed Management Program

To help farmers another tool in the fight against weeds, Corteva launched Kyber, its newest pre-emerge soybean herbicide. Aaron Smith, U.S. product manager for soybean herbicides, says it’s first year on the market was met with great reviews.

“We had a couple of retailers that visited with us, and they told us they put Kyber out this year and these fields they were talking about for their customers have a lot of water hemp in them,” he says. “They told us, ‘Kyber was light out on water hemp.’ When a farmer is dealing with a lot of resistance, they need a product they can trust, so that’s what Kyber is going to do, and it’s giving them more time.”

In a year like 2019, Smith says farmers wished they had more time to apply or overlap residuals. He says Kyber is a strong blend of long-lasting residual with multiple modes of action to manage weeds.

“This product offers three effective modes of action so farmers who need help with weeds like water hemp, palmer amaranth and others, they can use this product to help get in long-lasting residual four to six weeks for Kyber specifically. We’ve heard from retailers that they can go past six weeks from their experience this year. Clean fields mean better yield potential, and ultimately that’s going to put more money in farmers’ pockets.”

Kyber is part of Corteva’s Program Approach system.

“Program Approach is starting clean in the fall and spring, with either burn down or tillage, laying down their first pre-emerge, giving themselves enough time to come back and overlap with an additional residual or the Enlist system, and then that will give them clean fields from early on through midseason,” says Smith.

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