Corteva’s Brevant Launching New Enlist E3 Germplasm for 2022 Season

Corteva’s retail-exclusive division launched a new line of Enlist E3 soybeans this month.

Brevant Seeds released its next generation of germplasm which will be available for the 2022 season.

Kurt Curry, area business development manager, says this gives farmers a high-performance choice.

“That means we’re going to be bringing products forward that are improving agronomics—we’re getting better disease control and more yield potential at the end of the day and putting that into our Enlist system we’re already using,” he says. “The whole thing revolves around brining new to the market and especially our retail partners. This is another example.”

As harvest is nearing the end across the country, Curry says Brevant’s performance has been phenomenal for the 18 months the division has been on the market.

“Whether it’s east, west, north, south, it seems like everywhere we look at yield data, we’re having phenomenal performance,” says Curry. “We can tell in our order page because demand has been extremely high. The good news is we’ve got an extremely deep portfolio so we still have a lot of options. If farmers are looking at Brebant, walk into your retailer and tell them you want to see what the next best thing from Brevant is.”

Retailers are taking orders for the 2022 season. For more information or to find your nearest retailer, visit

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