Kron Re-elected as Indiana Farm Bureau President

At the Indiana Farm Bureau state convention last week, President Randy Kron was reelected to another 3-year term at the helm.

“Hey-I love Farm Bureau. I can’t think of a better organization I’d want to be a part of. Joyce (Kron’s wife) and I kind of grew up in Farm Bureau almost. I’m excited to lead this, but when you look around the delegate floor, we’ve got a lot of great members here that work very hard, and I’m also excited we’ve got an excellent staff that works on behalf of all our members every day.”

Kron says there are many challenges ahead and he’s excited to tackle those challenges. One of particular concern is the upcoming farm bill.

“Well as you look at our nation’s capital, I’m a little concerned with how partisan we’re getting. I hope we can keep the partisanship out of the Agriculture Committee and the farm bill because we’re going to get ready to start rough drafting a new farm bill and I see that as a challenge. I think, the members that I’ve talked to, thought they could keep it bipartisan, so we’ll see.”

Kron also cited climate change and carbon sequestration programs as another challenge moving forward. He wants to make sure that farmers are a part of the conversation, but that it’s also a revenue stream that comes back to farmers and not lost somewhere in the middle.

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