Taking Stock of Your Soybean Acre and the Best Variety for It

When variety selections are being solidified for the new planting season soon to be here, it really does come down to you the farmer and what your acres need and how that ground has responded to decisions made in recent years.

“The bottom line is knowing what your acre is, your soil type, the challenge you may have with any kind of disease considerations, your weed control spectrum and what you need to target there, and have those conversations,” says Matt Goddard, Bayer soy traits manager for North America. “See if your current variety is working for you. If you need to switch it up maybe we have another product that may fit a little better.”

And he says if you had a good experience with a new variety last year, it’s likely a good option this year too.

“Certainly if it works on your acre, that’s a great option for you. What we can do as far as selection moving forward and talking about our pipeline vs. what we offered in 2021 for XtendFlex® soybeans, we will be adding varieties to that. We’ll be replacing those that may not have performed well in a given territory, but some have performed very, very well. From that standpoint we encourage the grower to consider that variety again or talk with their local sales rep or agronomist in that region and see what other offering my work on their acre as well.”

If you noted fields with hard to control weeds last year, there’s no time like the present to put a plan in place or adjust the plan you already have.

“Start clean with your tillage, your burndown, whatever it is, start clean on that acre,” says Goddard. “Follow it up with a strong residual program, and then as you get post, let’s overlap that again. Have another residual component in that post application, and then utilize that added benefit of XtendFlex® soybeans that adds that glufosinate component to a current tolerance of glyphosate and dicamba. So you’ve got three modes of action to target those difficult to control weeds once they’re up and growing.”

With that tripled stacked tolerance, XtendFlex® soybeans offers flexibility and also great yield potential. Learn more at https://traits.bayer.com/soybeans/Pages/XtendFlex-Soybeans.aspx.

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