$50 Million Fertilizer Facility Planned For Wabash County In 2023

A new $50 million fertilizer manufacturing facility is planned to open in Wabash County in northern Indiana in the summer of 2023.
The new factory is a joint venture between Hello Nature, which is based out of Italy, and MPS Egg Farms, which is based in of North Manchester.
That new joint venture will be called Bionutrients, which plans to hire over 45 people.  They also plan to build two new facilities in the city of Wabash along Manchester Avenue across from the Morrett Sports Complex.
Hello Nature produces organic fertilizers and biostimulants for the agriculture industry has two facilities in Anderson which opened in 2018.  MPS Egg Farms operates three egg-production facilities in northern Wabash County, as well as three additional farms in Illinois and Texas.
Representatives for Bionutrients say the plan is to take the chicken manure and other wastes from the egg-production facilities and repurpose it for fertilizer that could be used on grain crops, as well as fruit crops.
“We believe that this new production facility will be a turning point for the North American market,” says Luca Bonini, Hello Nature’s CEO. “Today the fertilizer industry undergoes multiple challenges such as rising prices, logistics issues and shortage of inputs, and there is a desperate need for innovative solutions to feed a growing population with less inputs and less land available. Our facility will ensure a regular production of sustainable fertilizers to help North American farmers achieve their yield goals.”
“MPS is excited to partner with Hello Nature to bring their expertise to Wabash. After a thorough review of potential sites in two states, we determined Wabash was the most attractive location and allowed us to expand at home,” says Dan Krouse, vice president of operations at MPS Egg Farms. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to make this investment and hire more Hoosiers in Wabash County.”

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