South American Markets Present Opportunities for Pork

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The National Pork Board’s strategy of diversifying their international marketing portfolio shows that South America is a lucrative opportunity with a consumer base that prefers pork.

Courtney Knupp is the Vice President of International Market Development, and she says trading relationships help develop export opportunities on behalf of producers.

“Specifically, Colombia, Peru, and working to develop Chile. I would say the South American market is very much a developing market, although we have very strong sales, increasing values, and that consumption for pork can only continue to increase,” according to Knupp.

The marketing efforts come together with strategic partners like the National Pork Producers Council and the U.S. Meat Export Federation. USMEF is funded in part by Checkoff dollars to help promote pork abroad.

“They are doing a number of things in market to promote our products along with other red meats like beef and lamb, where appropriate. They do things such as educational seminars, in-retail promotions, they have an extensive network, both with USDA and with the industry and country, to position our products,” says Knupp.

The strategy will continue to focus on strengths in 2023 with partners in South America.

“And there was unanimous consensus among the producers, the packers, and in-country staff that there’s a lot of opportunity to focus on our strengths, and that is our relationships with Central and South America. So, we will look to enhance our focus there and continue to develop market size and market share for U.S. pork,” says Knupp.

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