Balancing Motherhood, Family, Farm, and Career: Natasha Cox’s Story

The Cox family. Photo courtesy of Natasha Cox.

With Mother’s Day on Sunday, Hoosier Ag Today is spotlighting an ag industry leader from Benton County who balances being a mom and wife with running a family farm and a career as an executive.
“I think my first gig is really being a logistical gangster some days and making sure that we’re able to put the pieces of the puzzles together,” says Natasha Cox describing her role as a mom and wife.
She and her husband Brent have three kids: Brody who is 14, Alex who is 11 and Lydia who is five.
Natasha is also Regional Vice President of Ag Lending at Farm Credit Mid-America.  She and Brent also own and operate Maple Island Farms near the town of Templeton in Benton County.
The Cox family. Photo courtesy of Natasha Cox.

Natasha says she’s able to accomplish her professional and personal goals because of her partnership with Brent.
“My husband is a not only my partner in life, but equally [he] supports the balance of craziness at home and [is] managing all the duties that we have to make sure that our children know at the end of the day, regardless, that they are loved and that they are cared for and it we’re imperfect,” says Natasha.
She also says there are many lessons that she and her husband have learned as ag business leaders that they consistently pass along to her three kids.
“We tell our children, and even [those] in our professional careers as well,  surround yourself with good people,” Natasha says.  “Hire better than yourself.  Be willing to admit when you’re wrong.  Be curious about the things that you do.  Be open to change.  Give yourself some grace to try new things [and] to make mistakes.  Also, [remember ] to have some downtime and to take care of yourself and your health and your family.”
Even though she has a passion for serving the ag industry through Farm Credit Mid-America and Maple Island Farms, she says her greatest passion, is being a wife and a mom.
“Being a mother is the best job that I have, by far,” says Natasha.  “I’m thankful to God for that opportunity every single day, and for a spouse that loves me regardless of my imperfections and for children that are curious about the big world that we live in.”
Click BELOW to hear C.J. Miller report on how Natasha Cox balances motherhood, her family, her farm and her career with Farm Credit Mid-America.

Click BELOW to here the FULL INTERVIEW with Natasha Cox as she discusses in further detail the partnership she shares with her husband Brent, the rewards of being a mom and the teamwork approach she and Brent take to their family, farm and their careers.

The Cox family. Photo courtesy of Natasha Cox.

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