Union Expects CNH Strike to Last Up to Six Months

On May 2, approximately 1,200 CNH Industrial workers represented by UAW walked out of manufacturing plants in Iowa and Wisconsin. During a recent interview with Ag Equipment Intelligence, the local president of the UAW says members should expect to be out of work for three-to-six months.
“I think what’s going to get CNH back to the table is when they start losing money,” says Local 807 President Nick Guernsey. “They’ll probably start feeling that at four weeks.”
The strike began after the sides failed to reach an agreement on a new labor contract.
Guernsey says, “The company had replacement workers in town a week before the contract expired, so this was a premeditated strategy.”
He says there were several issues at play when negotiations hit an impasse last weekend, including CNHI union jobs paying less than the non-union factory jobs.
“At the end of the day, nobody wins in a strike,” he adds.

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