Southern Indiana Stands are Good but Prepare to Alter Growing Season Plans

The final full week of May allowed for more catch up in corn and soybean planting, but there weren’t as many good windows as the prior week. Southern Indiana DEKALB Asgrow Technical Agronomist Jordan Arndell says 70-80 percent of the seeds are now in the ground.
“We’ve made some really good progress over the last two weeks, and really glad for that,” he told HAT. “I feel like we’re sitting in a pretty good spot right now.”
Stands are looking good, according to Arndell. The late planting has proved beneficial to development of those strong stands.
“We planted into soils that had adequate moisture and had plenty of heat units to come out of the ground, so everything came out of the ground really quickly,” he explained. “Most stands look really good but what I have seen is some crops that have been planted, maybe we pushed it a little bit much and it was a little too we when we planted and then shortly thereafter we had a heavy rain. Now those stands still look good, but I have had calls asking why it leafed out underground or why do I have 29,000 plants instead of 32 to 34 thousand plants in my corn. The simple answer is we planted into a field that was a little wet, we got a heavy, pounding rain on it, and it just crusted over and not all of the plants were able to make it out.”
So far, he has not seen a situation where that required replant, and replanting doesn’t look to be a major issue this season. But disease is something to watch with the later planting. Arndell says be ready to alter your fungicide plans this year. He goes into more detail in the full HAT interview:

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