Vilsack Gives Assurances on US Corn Exports to Mexico

U.S. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack. Photo courtesy Twitter @SecVilsack.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says he’s confident Mexico will continue to allow imports of U.S. biotech corn under USMCA trade rules, despite Mexico’s plans to ban the corn by 2024. Vilsack told Senate Ag lawmakers he’s taken personal charge of the biotech corn issue with Mexico.

“I recently had a conversation directly with the president of Mexico about this issue of corn, and I’m confident that exports of corn that your farmers, and farmers across the country, are relying on, are going to continue.”

Nebraska Senator Deb Fisher brought up the problem of Mexico’s pending biotech import ban since it’s the top export market for her corn producers.

“Thank you,” she told Vilsack, “and I hope you will be able to use the tools at your disposal with current trade agreements to be firm and resolute with Mexico on this white corn…”

Vilsack responded by saying, “We haven’t shown a reluctance to do that with our Canadian friends on dairy, so.”

Vilsack was referring to the U.S. bringing two USMCA dispute panel cases against Canada for its ongoing refusal to meet its dairy trade commitments. Fisher says Mexico also made commitments.

“This policy is out of step with their commitments under USMCA. It will restrict Nebraskans’ access to innovative agricultural tools and increase costs for consumers on both sides of the border.”

Something Fisher says the US doesn’t need now, with “out of control inflation.”

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