Potential for Rain and Thunderstorm Activity Across Indiana

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Some farmers still have some planting to do, so we bring you now this year’s final Seed Genetics Direct Planting Weather forecast. Know the price of your corn and soybean seed before you buy it with Seed Genetics Direct! Sign up to get a Seed Guide in July, with a price list, at seedgeneticsdirect.com.

Martin says his forecast is rather unsettled. We could see some hit-and-miss showers Friday, not much activity on Saturday, but Sunday a system through the Great Lakes and Michigan dives down into Indiana.

“That right there could give anywhere from a few hundredths to a tenth on the low end to maybe a half an inch or more on the top end, and it’s all in northern Indiana, nothing farther south. It does look like we put together a dry finish to Sunday in almost all areas and a dry start to Monday, but overnight Monday night into Tuesday rain and thunderstorm activity is back as a warm front moves through.”

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Behind that warm front, we are very hot and humid for the duration of next week.

“Tuesday afternoon right on through at least Saturday we’re looking at temperatures well above normal with humidity values high. That should promote a little bit of instability, but I think the time periods to watch for any heat-based thunderstorm action would be Thursday night into early Friday and then maybe again as we hit Saturday night and Sunday. Each of those threats though are very, very minor with coverage less than 20 percent.”

In Martin’s extended forecast, an upper-level ridge in the nation’s midsection will expand and drift eastward.

“So, I look for us to be dry for a good chunk of the week of the 20th. It’ll be dry and hot with well above normal temperatures for that period.”

This planting weather forecast is also presented by First Farmers Bank & Trust, proudly serving Hoosier farmers with agricultural financial services for over 135 years.

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