Farmers Getting Triple the Investment Back with SOURCE

In a time when we hear so much about supply disruptions, one ag company has plenty of their product designed to activate your soil and make nutrients available for corn and soybean plants. Since it is foliar applied, you can still add this to your 2022 plans.

The product is SOURCE™ and it comes from Sound Agriculture.

“It’s really exciting in the times that we’re in with all the challenges going on with the fertilizer market to be able to offer a solution to help get around that and to activate soil, put microbes to work and actually create nutrients right there in that farmer’s field,”  says Jeff Divan, Director of Sales Agronomy for Sound Agriculture.

So, what is really happening when SOURCE™ is applied to a plant?

“It’s waking up and activating bacteria and microbes in the soil that can do things like take in atmospheric nitrogen. They can solubilize phosphorus into available forms for the plants, so really activating those microbes that can do all these great processes for us with a foliar application. So, we then activate and get those nutrients right in season when we need them and we’re able to increase yield and create an efficient environment for that crop to grow in.”

Divan says SOURCE™ offers grower options for application. For corn, they like to see it mixed with a herbicide that can go on V4 to V6 with your herbicide pass.

“Or you could mix it VT to R1 with your fungicide pass,” he said, “so the economics work out great. We can ride along with the trip that’s already happening across the field. Same thing on soybeans. We can go with the herbicide early or a fungicide pass about R3 on soybeans.”

Divan says farmers will like the return-on-investment opportunities, something their customers have experienced for several years.

“The ROI opportunity is very large, especially when you look at the chance to reduce a nitrogen application with SOURCE corn. So we typically target about a 3X ROI on the investment in the product, and if you’re able to reduce some high priced nitrogen, it could be even higher than that. So yeah, at least tripling your investments when we place this product on the best field it can win on.”

For more information on Sound Agriculture and SOURCE™ visit their website.




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