Indiana Pork’s ‘Loaded Pit-Tatoes’ a Signature Dish at the Indiana State Fair

Jeanette Merritt with the Indiana Pork Producers Assocation (left) poses with WTHR News Anchor and Reporter Carlos Diaz (right) as he “hams it up” while sampling the “Loaded Pit-Tatoes” signature dish from Indiana Pork at the Indiana State Fair. Photo: C.J. Miller / Hoosier Ag Today.

As the Indiana State Fair kicks off this weekend, we couldn’t talk about the fair without mentioning some of this year’s delicious new food items.

The Indiana Pork Producers Association is cooking up their “Loaded Pit-Tatoes” as this year’s signature dish. Jeanette Merritt with the Indiana Pork Producers’ Association says it’s a creative combo marrying two popular items featured by Indiana Pork.

“The roasted potatoes are one of our most popular side items, and of course, our pulled pork is our best-selling sandwich that we do,” says Jeanette. “We take those two items, we put them together, throw on some sour cream, cheese, and jalapenos and we know customers are going to like this.”

Where can you find one of their “Loaded Pit-Tatoes” at the State Fair?

“We have two tents this year on the grounds,” according to Jeanette. “We have one on the north side near Pioneer Village, and our one on the south side is near the West Pavilion, also known as the cattle barn. This weekend, [it’s] known as the swine barn.”

A sample of the “Loaded Pit-tatoes” signature dish offered by the Indiana Pork Producers Association at this year’s Indiana State Fair. Photo: C.J. Miller / Hoosier Ag Today.

Jeanette says the delicious food is just one part of what the State Fair is all about.

“For Indiana Pork, it’s an opportunity to tell our story, to represent our 3,000 pig farmers in Indiana, and encourage the guests who are here, many of whom have never step foot on a farm, to understand the principles and the practices that we do on our farm. We’re doing that at our tents this year by sharing sustainability messaging, by talking about how important communities are to our farmers, and how farmers give back and feed their neighbors, and we hope the people who come and visit our tents will learn more about that.”

Jeanette says the Indiana State Fair is an opportunity for Indiana’s pork producers to use their livestock as a teaching tool.

“What’s interesting to me is when you see those families come into the barn that have no idea. They’ve never seen a pig, and watch the 4-H kids engage with them, and really talk to them and tell them about their animals. I think it’s so encouraging to see the public want to learn, but also to see our kids that are really willing to do that education as well.”

As for Jeanette, she says she has a passion for the Indiana State Fair.

“I really do! I can’t imagine an August then didn’t include the State Fair,” says Jeanette. “I think this is my 29th State Fair, plus ten years of 4-H, so I’ve been doing this for a while.”

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The “Loaded Pit-Tatoes” served as the signature food item by the Indiana Pork Producers Association. Photo courtesy of the Indiana State Fair.

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