New Indiana Dairy Cheese Sculpture Taps into State Fair’s Auto Theme

The annual cheese sculpture reveal event brought applause and some amazement to those gathered at the Indiana State Fair this week. American Dairy Association Indiana has the sculpture crafted each year by the Cheese Lady, Sarah Kaufmann, and this year’s masterpiece of cheese depicts the fair’s automotive theme with a nod to IndyCar driver Joseph Newgarden and Indy 500 milk presenters like Janet Dague.

“I like to consider myself a winner this time because Winners Drink Milk and now I am made of milk,” she said. “It looks like me enough that a neighbor texted me a picture of it saying ‘you’re in cheese!’”

Dague is on the board of Indiana dairy and her face is a part of the sculpture along with next year’s head milkman Kerry Estes. Dague says promotions like the sculpture are a continual reminder to the public of the work and value put in by dairy farmers.

“It helps convince everyone how hard we work and how they should eat cheese and drink milk and it’s all healthy for you.”

The cheese sculpture will remain on display through the end of the state fair run. Indiana dairy farmers are also keeping busy with the Dairy Bar, always a big hit and always offering new dairy creations.

Brooke Williams, Director of Communications with American Dairy Association Indiana, at the unveiling of the cheese sculpture at the 2022 Indiana State Fair. Photo: Andy Eubank / Hoosier Ag Today.

One of those is “the top seller so far is the mint cookie milkshake topped with Girl Scouts Thin Mint cookie crumbles,” says Brooke Williams, Director of Communications for ADAI. “A portion of the proceeds of that shake go back to Girls Scouts of Central Indiana and that’s the first time we’ve ever had a Dairy Bar item where proceeds go to an organization. The second one that is doing very well is our Quick Quesadilla’s, this year’s signature grilled cheese sandwich, two flour tortillas filled with cheddar and Monterey jack cheese and served with a side of Red Gold salsa.”

Click BELOW to hear Andy Eubank’s news report on the unveiling of the cheese sculpture presented by American Dairy Association Indiana at the Indiana State Fair.

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