First IN-Climate Summit Offers Plenty for Farmers

In one week the Indiana Climate Summit hits West Lafayette, Indiana. It puts professionals and government officials involved in this state’s food and energy sectors together with producers of food and energy. The focus of this first of its kind summit is our climate and whether agriculture can be the solution to future challenges.
Sarah Beth Aubrey has planned the summit, and she says growers will want to be there.
“This is an event where we’re talking about the entire farm supply chain, agriculture and energy and how we relate to each other,” Aubrey told HAT. “Specific programming content performers will include a variety of things. We’ll have a state of the state of carbon markets presented by the president of Truterra. We’ll break into some panels where farmers can talk to individual ag producers that are participating in those markets and we will have a variety of things directives growers.”
She says The Indiana Climate Summit goals are education, information and dialogue.
In addition to opening keynote speaker Jason Weller, President of Truterra, “we’re also bringing in Ron Lloyd, Director of New Markets Group for WinField United which most retailers and growers are aware of, and American Farm Bureau will be with us as well. Shelby Swain Myers, an Indiana girl that works for Farm Bureau in DC, she’s going to help us understand the SEC climate disclosures impact on agriculture and what that’s going to look like.”
There will be a green finance panel. What does that mean?
“You know we’re still trying to figure out what green finance means,” said Aubrey. “One of the things about the IN-Climate group is we don’t claim to have all the answers, but we claim to be a group that says let’s gather and have a good productive dialogue to find out. So, we’ve got a couple folks on here Hollie Bunn with Growers Edge. They’re helping fund and finance producers’ sustainable crop plans as they implement some of those sustainable cropping technologies, and Jonathan lamb is also on board. He is a banker and a CFO consultant and has done a lot of loans and things around renewable energy, biodigesters, solar, wind, so if growers are looking to do either of those things, they’ll want to learn a little bit from them.”
You must register to attend the Indiana Climate Summit at Beck Agricultural Center Tuesday August 23rd from 8-4. You can do so at this link.

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