The Time is Now to Communicate With Your Propane Supplier

Growers who operate a grain dryer fueled by propane should talk with their supplier sooner rather than later.
Mike Newland with the Propane Education and Research Council says, “It’s always a good practice to be communicating with your propane supplier this time of year.”
In some areas, crop timing may affect propane use. Newland says, “We watched the crop go in the ground late in many places across the United States, the corn crop especially. I think we’re going to have some microclimates where we could have some pretty wet corn.”
Producers may end up needing more propane than normal to dry that corn. Newland says a propane shortage wouldn’t be a problem if you as a grower and everyone else in the propane supply chains are prepared for it.
“There’s not any shortage today and we track it on a on a daily and weekly basis. What I think could happen though, I think we could have some pockets of higher usage than normal”
But if your supplier’s not aware ahead of time, that extra propane you need may be a problem.
“Every gallon we deliver needs to come on a truck to its final destination and that’s where we run into some constraints.”
Newland says to reach out to your propane supplier, as soon as possible, “to let that person know how many acres you’ve got that potentially could be running through that grain dryer versus other years and whether you think your usage may be up or down.”
The Propane Council website has a corn drying calculator that can help you prepare for the propane you’re likely to need.
Source: USDA Radio News

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