CountryMark Introduces New Premium Dieselex-4 with ProFlow to Improve Power and Performance

More efficient and smoothly running diesel trucks and farm equipment are a good thing – especially with the cold winter months fast approaching.  That’s why CountryMark has introduced a new formula of their premium diesel fuel.
“It’s good for the environment. It’s good for business. It’s good for Indiana,” says Belinda Puetz, Director of Marketing with CountryMark, talking about their new Premium Dieselex-4 formula, which now includes ProFlow. It’s a unique combination of fuel detergents that help keep diesel engines cleaner.
“One of the challenges with a diesel engine is it is prone to diesel injection deposits,” according to Puetz. “We have stumbled across a detergency that we’re just thrilled with. It not only prevents deposits from adhering to the injection system, but it’s going to be able to tear them up, break them out and spit them back out.”
She says the new formula will also help your diesel-powered vehicles when the temperatures this winter get well below freezing.
“It is going to allow our fuel to move more easily through the fuel filters,” says Puetz. “That improves the likelihood that the fuel is going to perform when it gets cold. When a diesel fuel gets cold, those wax crystals form and the fuel filters can allow some of those wax molecules to go through the filter, but anytime you’re adding dirt, debris, deposits and wax, now you’re just putting more pressure on that filter. By being able to use this new formula, we’re going to be able to reduce the amount of debris that’s going through the filter, which means now we’re just down to wax molecules.”

Puetz says no one else in CountryMark’s service area provides this new ProFlow formula.
“We worked with our suppliers and said we’ve really found something that we really loved,” says Puetz. “They were good enough to allow us to make it proprietary to our companies, so all our member companies are the only ones that have access to the new detergency formula.”
Puetz recommends reaching out to your CountryMark dealer to ask about the new Premium Dieselex-4 with ProFlow.
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