U.S. Export Sales of Corn, Beans Drop Sharply During Second Week of September

Export sales of corn and beans fell sharply between Sept. 9-15 according to the USDA.

Corn sales during the week dropped sharply to 182,300 metric tons from 583,000 tons during the previous week. Japan was the biggest buyer at 83,200 metric tons. Exports for the week hit 563,000 metric tons, up from almost 427,000 tons the prior week.

Soybean sales to overseas buyers dropped to 446,000 metric tons, sharply lower than 843,000 tons a week earlier. Egypt was the top buyer with 174,000 metric tons of beans. Exports during the week totaled over 522,000 metric tons, up from almost 374,000 during the prior week.

Wheat sales during the week came in at 183,500 metric tons, with Indonesia the top buyer with 136,000 tons. The USDA report says wheat exports from the U.S. totaled 678,000 metric tons, up slightly from 676,800 tons a week earlier.

Source: NAFB News Service.

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