Warm, Dry Weather Helping to Speed Up Harvest in Northwestern Indiana

So far, 16 percent of Indiana’s corn for grain and 17 percent of Indiana’s soybeans have been harvested. The warm, dry weather we’ve been having is helping to speed up the harvest process.

“We’re really starting to get cranked up in northwest Indiana with harvest,” says Marty Park with Gutwein Seed Service, a Specialty Hybrids dealer. Marty also farms in Jasper County and says he just started harvesting earlier this week.

“On Monday, I weighed my first two corn plots of the season,” says Marty. “Last year, on the third day of October, I had completed all my bean plot harvest and I only had two corn plots to harvest yet on that date. This year, I’m just starting corn harvest, so while we got quite a way to go.”

He says the recent weather has been ideal for harvest.

“We had a beautiful weekend temperature-wise,” Marty says. “We were taking advantage of the heat we have and it’s drying these crops up and maturing them. We’ve got a lot of folks that are running corn and a bunch of people got into the soybeans here pretty hot and heavy the last couple days.”

Marty Park, with Gutwein Seed Service, a Specialty Hybrids dealer servicing northwestern Indiana. Marty is also a farmer from Jasper County.

Marty says soybean yields are looking really strong around Rensselaer and Jasper County.

“I think the bean crop is better than what guys were expecting,” according to Marty. “I just looked at some beans in a semi where a guy was cutting and the beans themselves are really, really big and that seed size really makes a big difference.”

He adds that corn yields are also looking strong as well.

“The plants are very healthy. We completed grain fill with nice conditions and adequate moisture. That’s led to really big kernels, and those big kernels are adding up in the grain tank to big yields.

“It’s totally different than last year,” adds Marty. “We had a lot of disease. Everybody saw tar spot everywhere and it impacted yields. We also had crown rot a year ago. The crop just kind of died and dried. This year, tar spot didn’t come until later. It is still out there, but it didn’t come in and rob yields.”

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