Soybean Harvest Speeds Up as Indiana Farmers Wait for Corn to Dry Down

So far, 27 percent of Indiana’s corn and 36 percent of Indiana’s soybeans have been harvested. As farmers wait for Indiana’s corn crop to dry down further, more attention has been made at this point on harvesting soybeans.

“Farmers are itching to get into more of the corn and see how things are doing,” says Daniel Stauffer, Field Sales Representative with Specialty Hybrids. He’s based out of Wabash County and covers northcentral Indiana.

“We’ve got some folks that are done with soybeans and others that are getting to the halfway point or better,” says Stauffer. “On soybean acre harvest, they’ve been pleasantly surprised with a lot of the bean yields that we’ve had because of the weather and stresses we went through earlier this summer. With the drought stress, guys just weren’t sure what would be out there.”

Stauffer says much of the corn across northern Indiana has not yet been dry enough to harvest.

Daniel Stauffer, Field Sales Representative with Specialty Hybrids. Photo courtesy of Specialty Hybrids.

“From Kokomo up to South Bend and either side of Highway 31, there are not a whole lot of corn acres have been shelled,” says Stauffer. “Guys have been focusing on the soybeans and waiting on that corn to dry down. With the little cooler conditions we had in late August and September, the corn moistures are holding in there fairly steady.

“Here in the last week, I have heard some reports of corn getting under 20%, but initial reports have been positive from a yield standpoint anywhere in that 200 to 230 to 240 averages,” according to Stauffer.

He recommends scouting your corn fields to make sure stalk integrity issues don’t end up having an impact on your yield.

Just keep an eye on prioritizing those cornfields and where we need to go with the combine to get stuff out before it falls over,” says Stauffer. “There is really good yield potential out there from what we’ve seen walking field and talking to customers, but we got to make sure we prioritize harvest and get those fields out where the stock integrity might not be as great from just being a later harvest.”

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