The Harvest Window Remains Largely Open

We’ve got colder air moving through Indiana the next 5-6 days. It’s time now for the Seed Genetics Direct Harvest Weather Forecast with Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin. Order from Seed Genetics Direct and save $4 per unit of soybeans, $10 per unit of corn, and 11% more when you pay by Nov. 10!

Martin says we’ll see a little more cloud cover and, at times, we could see some scattered showers.

“However, moisture is not formidable at all. For example, when we see clouds around on Saturday, we can do some spits and sprinkles, maybe an isolated shower in northern Indiana, few hundredths to a tenth maximum. Next Tuesday, when we have another round of very cold air diving southward, moisture comes out of Michigan into northern Indiana, a few hundreds to a tenth or two. That is all, but coverage only about 25%. You get the idea. Moisture can be around, but it’s not going to be a big impact on harvest.”

The cold air in Martin’s forecast will bring an end to the growing season in most areas the first part of next week.

“Monday morning, Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning: one, two or all three of those will be seeing frost and freeze conditions statewide. And I think we will be putting in some sub-freezing and even some sub-30-degree temperature readings in that timeframe. So, this is going to give the last little crisping off to some weeds and definitely any crops that are still holding on to some green.”

Following that, Martin calls for a complete reversal back to the conditions we’ve been seeing the past couple of weeks.

“That is well above normal temperatures, sunny, warm, and dry. Excellent evaporation Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. I do think that we’re squeezing Sunday out there as well. And I’ll even move it into the extended 11-16 day forecast window. The 24th and 25th I think are sunny, warm and dry. So, harvest has a lot of potential going forward here. Not many hiccups in the week to two weeks ahead.”

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